Recognizing the sector’s need for internationalization, APIT asked its members to share their thoughts on the subject so that we could understand how the association could respond to the needs presented.

As a result of the feedback we received, the APIT’s Internationalization Project was born.

As a mission, APIT takes the lead in representing the sector, so that national content travels across borders – because we know its potential to go far and succeed. Through our network of national and international contacts, we promote co-productions and encourage our members to tell their stories as far as they want.

APIT believes that one of the driving forces behind this development is investing in the internationalization of Portuguese audiovisual projects. And it is in investing in the present that the future of national independent production lies.


APIT’s Project is focused on internationalization. And for this reason, this project is based on seven key ideas that will allow the sector to be solidified at a national level, while at the same time creates the conditions for promotion and expansion into the international industry.

  • Promote

Support for APIT members’ participation in markets.

Participation of the association in international markets.

  • Expand

Focus on the project’s digital communication: a menu exclusively dedicated to the project on and the launch of two annual brochures.

  • Taking risks

Organization of informal talks, in a relaxed environment, with the aim to connect, exchange experiences and discuss possible projects.

  • Learn

Support for participation in training courses for APIT members.

Training for our members in key areas.

  • Discover

Organization of webinars – APIT – Meet the Markets – in which a foreign producer will illustrate the reality of his country, presenting its audiovisual market to Portuguese producers.

  • Investing

Connecting members and consultants in order to plan each producer’s internationalization process.

Ensuring legal support with a focus on internationalization.

  • The future

An event that will bring together professionals from the audiovisual sector and marks the end of this project.

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