CEPI: Joint statement from European creators and rightsholders calling for the approval of the EU AI Act by COREPER on February 2nd

“We represent a broad coalition of over two hundred organizations in Europe’s creative and cultural sectors, encompassing authors from multiple sectors including music, visual, audiovisual, and literary; book and press publishers of newspapers, magazines and specialized publications, music, scientific and technical publishers; recorded music, film and audiovisual producers; publishers of films and audiovisual content online and offline; distributors and photo agencies.

We call on the Member States of the European Union to show global leadership and approve the AI Act at the COREPER meeting on 2 February.

The AI Act is a vital piece of legislation that will regulate the role of AI in Europe and help set a global standard for how we expect AI systems to operate. Europe has a unique opportunity to show global leadership in the AI framework, for the benefit of EU citizens, creators, rights holders, industry, and the wider economy.

Doing so would foster an environment where rights and commercial freedoms are respected by simultaneously fostering the licensing of creative content to AI models – kickstarting partnership and innovation opportunities.

 The introduction of such obligations with respect to generative AI is not only the right thing to do but would position the EU to help set a global standard in AI regulation. It would also be an essential enabler for the creation of value in AI and a platform for future development and innovation in the EU.”

Read the full statement here.


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