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Susana Gato
Executive Presidente
Patrícia Paiva
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Communication Officer
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Legal Advisor


When the Association of Independent Television Producers (APIT) appeared in Portugal in 1996, the television landscape was not the same as we know it today. The appearance of private channels was followed by a significant increase in the number of clients and, to keep up with this new and frenetic rhythm, the sector had no choice but to evolve, adapt and, above all, overcome itself. The challenges didn’t stop there and continued to appear – something that makes television such an interesting universe for independent producers.

More recently, OTT has emerged not only as a challenge for professionals, but also as an ally for all those who dream of taking their content to the four corners of the world. In Portugal, there is still a lot to explore in streaming – in November of 2021, the first Portuguese original series for Netflix was premiered -, but APIT is confident in a future that will allow us to continue to dream and, mainly, to make it happen.

Since day one, this has been one of the main goals of our association, to help independent television producers do what they do best: tell stories and entertain.


APIT is present in all moments of life of its members, with the purpose of making it better and simpler. To clarify institutional questions or answer common doubts, we are always at a distance of an e-mail or a phone call, to give our associates all the necessary support so that they can continue to produce and distribute their contents in the best possible way, and not only in Portugal.

Currently, one of our main focuses is internationalization. We want national content to travel abroad, because we know its potential to reach far and succeed. Through our network of contacts, both national and international, we promote co-productions and encourage our associates to tell their stories as far as it makes sense for them to go. Because if there is a past in every narrative, there is also a future. And it is with an eye on that same future that APIT likes to live television.

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